Keep the grill hot!

thumb FarmEats short ribs

July 4th was just the beginning of grilling season...continue the summer long ritual with some Korean BBQ a lá FarmEats. Last Friday, Drew of FarmEats picked up his grass-fed cow from his butcher and had him cut the short ribs flanken style-thin. Perfect for quick searing on the grill- Korean style! According to Drew, you marinate the ribs at minimum for 4 hours in Korean GalBi(Kalbi) or Bulgogi marinades. Even better...marinate them overnight. Then fire up the grill and when it's nice and hot put the short ribs on to cook for about 2 to 3 minutes per side-just enough time for the heat and fire to sear the beef and crisp up the fat, while leaving the beef rare in the middle. Need some help with the marinade? Try this easy one from Kimchimari


In other news...Laurelmaud's Jams is joining us for the first time tomorrow. Try one of her seasonal marmalades using local fruit. Nothing beats a piece of delicious bread from Central Bakery, an Artisan Oven with a generous spread of fruit jam!

Bombay Emerald Chutney Company is appearing for their monthly rotation. The chutneys are the perfect condiment for picnic sandwiches.

Found Herbal is also making her monthly visit to provide you with with all the summer skin remedies, particularly formulas for preventing or dealing with bug bites! Try her "Bug Off" lotion bar or Natural Bug Spray to keep your body bite-free. And if you've already been bitten, pick up one of her salves. The Lavender one smells like a summer garden.

See you at the market!