Dog Days of Summer

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The dog days of summer call for fresh, cooling food...cue chilled soups like strawberry mint, coconut mango, and of course classic gazpacho. Spoon Me Soups whips up delicious and filling liquid concoctions made with seasonal fruits and vegetables (whenever possible). Their soups make for a perfect summer meal when paired with a slice of bread (Central Bakery, an Artisan Oven's focaccia comes to mind) and a light salad (with Letterbox greens of course). The chilled varieties pack well and are great for picnics, outdoor concerts, or the pool.

It's Peach Fest at Luxx Chocolat! Rry their Luxxelles artisan ice cream sandwiches -this week their introducing three new flavors: Bourbon Peach, Pear & Fig and Affogato made with locally roasted brew.

It's tomato time! As you have probably noticed, tomatoes are plentiful at the market. Gaia's Breath Farm cultivates many heirloom varieties whose colors and flavors will have your dinner guests amazed and curious. Now is the time to get them- Craig LeHoullier, author of Epic Tomatoes, says that he "really [doesn't] eat another tomato between [his] last one picked in say September and the first one picked in June unless they're canned, sun-dried or preserved in some way." Out-of-season, store-bought tomatoes cannot compete with a lovingly grown, freshly picked one.

View this collection of tomato recipes and stories from The Splendid Table for some cooking inspiration and distraction

If you're picking lunch up at the market there are lots of options- Anthis Greek Food, Asian Farmer Dumplings, and the Three Little Pigs BBQ truck will all be there tomorrow.

See you at the market!