Back-to-school lunches

thumb bento box school lunch 

Are your kids back to school next week? If you need to pack lunch, let the market help you prepare.

Packing lunch-whether for kids or adults- can be challenging. Trying to pack healthy meals using "real food" can be even more difficult. But it doesn't have to be. Take a stroll and let the market inspire you. Or if you need more direction, head to the market tent and chat up Natalie, the Market Manager. She's a professional chef working in schools, preparing nutritious lunches for kids in NYC. She can direct you to the right vendors for your lunch needs.

First on her list will probably be veggies. Get some carrots, celery, radishes, and potatoes. You can pack each individually per day or make a crudités platter (par-boil the potatoes) and serve with a medley of dipping sauces and jams, like the edamame hummus from Momo, the pesto from St. Ex or the strawberry rose jam from Anna Maria. Add some gluten free crackers from Healing Home Foods, sliced charcuterie from Managalitsa, and cheese from Dobbs.

For sandwiches, start with the right bread. Try a Pullman from Bien Cuit or the multigrain from Central. Then add some bread moistener and flavor booster- a smashed avocado, pesto, or try making your own mayo, It's super easy and much tastier than the store-brought kind. Try this recipe from Whole30

As with everything, quality ingredients matter so make sure to pick up the eggs from Letterbox and the olive oil from Kontoulis-back from their trip to Greece to check on their olive groves.

In between the slices? The options are endless-mozarrella and tomatoes (diRIso and Sun Sprout respectively,) chicken salad (a Letterbox chicken roasted and the aforementioned mayo,) grilled eggplant...

Add some fruit- the last berries and peaches or fall apple slices from Concklins. Lastly, don't forget the "extras"- a pickle from the Doc, a muffin from Nutmeg, or a slice of pie from the lady and her son.

Other options: get some arancini from Ricardo (diRiso) before he fries them. Bake them (or fry) at home and put in a thermos. Also good in a thermos? soup from Spoon Me.

If you want even more inspiration, check out the The Organic Kitchen. She has lots of great ideas.

See you at the market!

p.s.- We are SUPER lucky to have Milton as our musical guest tomorrow!