October 14th, 2017

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Dear Shoppers,

Welcome comfort food season. There is something about cooling temperatures that triggers a desire for food that sticks to the bones. Grilled cheese is one of those foods. While many of us grew up on the white bread, american cheese variety, our palates and values might lead us to search for a more delicious (but perhaps not more nutritious) option, a more sophisticated version of our childhood favorite. Perhaps a farmer's market version.

Start with the bread...Bien Cuit's pain de mie, made with fermented milk, is an easy choice, one that hews closest to "classic." Their brioche pullman is also a good option-if not a bit more decadent!

Move on the Dobbs & Bishop and ask Kevin for some cheese recommendations. You could go with a classic cheddar, but push your taste buds to try something different. Cooperstown is also visiting..the Jersey gold might be a good option.

While you may be tempted to stop there...don't. Spice it up a bit. If you love the classic tomato soup pairing, swing by Bombay Emerald for the tomato chutney to update a tradition. Stone & Thistle has some amazing bacon that will add an even deeper layer of richness. It's definitely not an option for the calorie counters! If you do go down the cheddar route, how about adding a crisp Concklin apple that will wilt ever-so-slightly for a perfect savory/sweet combination?

The possibilities are endless...if you need some inspiration and also to brush up on your grilling technique, take a look at this guide from The Kitchn.

If you try the cracked egg version, make sure your eggs are free ranging and farm fresh. While the nutritional benefit is still being debated (read more here and here and here) you cannot debate that the free range chickens like the ones at Letterbox and Stone & Thistle enjoy happier and healthier lives.

On that happy note...
See you at the market!

p.s. Riccardo Gautreau performs.