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may 7 thru november 19

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bronxville, ny

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Saturdays, May 7 thru November 19,
Stone Place at Paxton Avenue ,
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Rhubarb - beyond PIE!‏

With a nick-name like "pie plant" its easy to see why rhubarb is so often associated with -- and limited to -- the confines of a pie crust...usually tangling with strawberries, which yield a sweet yin to rhubarb's tart yang.
But rhubarb can do & be so much more.
I still can't forget the baked grouper with a rhubarb and shallot compote I ordered at a NYC steakhouse (I wasn't in the mood for steak that night, and I ended up with the best dish at my table.) Seriously - rhubarb stalks have both texture and tang which is why they make a mean coleslaw and are terrific in a cocktail as in this rhubarb gimlet.
I've tried to recreate my grouper/compote epiphany. This recipe for rhubarb marmalade

05202016 img1

comes pretty close.

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blog for May 14th

Thanks to all who came out on opening day last week. It was colder & rainier than we would have liked but everyone was so happy to be back it made up for the driving drizzle in spades. I've put in an order for sunshine tomorrow to greet the new vendors who are coming.

I can't wait to introduce Stone & Thistle Farm to you. This is a family-owned farm in Meredith, New York who was doing things the "artisanal" way long before Stone Barns appeared on the scene. They raise pigs, cattle, goats, rabbit and chicken. They also make terrific charcuterie.

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